Friday, August 17, 2012


Saturday is the big day for Hunger Games fans.  You can buy the DVD version for around $17, and the 2-disc Blu-ray for around $20, everywhere.

But for the fanatic, the big question is, which of the more-expensive, "exclusive" packages is the one to get?

We don't have a Wal-Mart nearby in Bethesda.  So here are your three practical options:

Best Buy, 4500 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Best Buy's package is arguably the most deluxe Hunger Games edition

$29.99 Collector's Edition includes 4-disc Blu-ray, DVDs+Digital Copy, "numbered acrylic keepsake," and collectible case.  The case is actually a box with hinged lid and opening flaps.  That acrylic keepsake is a mystery item.  It looks like a book-shaped artwork, with the Mockingjay logo.

Target, 5700 Bou Avenue, Rockville

$24.99 Target Exclusive Edition has only 3 Blu-ray discs, DVDs+Digital Copy. What it does have is the 45 minutes of "Tribute Video Diaries," which are actually video diaries of the actors' experiences while making the movie.

Amazon doesn't have a special package, but if you pre-order today, you can stream The Hunger Games movie online at midnight tonight (12:00 AM EDT).

What to decide?

Ultimate fans will want all of the packages.  But if money is still an issue, decide what's important to you:

Do you display a lot of Hunger Games merchandise in your home?  Then the Best Buy edition is for you, with the cool box and numbered artwork collectible.

More interested in the actors?  Target's video diaries would be best, and that package does fold out with some artwork inside.

Finally, do you just want bragging rights to be the first person you know to watch the movie at home?  That could make Amazon's offer tempting.

If you buy a lot of these things, you know there'll be future repackagings, and you'll probably end up getting those bonus discs from the other sets one day, anyway.

Which Hunger Games version are you planning to buy this weekend?  Will you host or attend a Hunger Games release party?  Or are you simply tired of the whole Hunger Games phenomenon at this point?

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