Wednesday, August 08, 2012


A favorite Bethesda convenience store will soon be back in business.

News Express, formerly at 7700 Old Georgetown Road, is reopening in the Triangle Towers building on Cordell Avenue.

The new store will offer a wide variety of newspapers and magazines, convenience store food and beverages, and - if it successfully obtains a liquor license - beer and wine.

The $64000 question about News Express is, will it retain the official USPS Post Office the old location had?

That post office didn't attract so much attention when Bethesda had two convenient, downtown postal facilities.  But now that authorities foolishly allowed a rush closure of both, a new post office on Cordell Avenue could be a highly-lucrative prospect for the store's owner.  While this location would not fill the vacuum for automobile-dependent customers, nor for those relying upon drive-up mail drops, it would provide a walking-distance post office for downtown residents.

Let's hope there's a post office in there.  You'd think the USPS would be pretty keen on helping to make it happen, as it would get them off the hook for a "walkable" downtown location.   (It would also be accessible via the Bethesda Circulator).  So - hint, hint USPS and Chris Van Hollen - make it happen.

At the least, even if there isn't a post office inside, Triangle Towers residents will still be thrilled to have this convenient convenience store, beer and wine outlet, and newsstand all in one.  And only an elevator ride away!

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