Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Here is the latest progress at the Gallery Bethesda luxury apartment tower between Auburn and Del Ray Avenues. The final facade is on the exterior. These are the final brick colors, with the exception of a small area above ground floor, which is awaiting application of a third color.

Preleasing may begin as early as this week, with actual move-ins expected in early 2014.

One other thing you can see in a couple of the photos below, is the Bethesda Lane-style pedestrian plaza starting to take shape. Where the rubble of demolished buildings next door now sits, The Rugby will eventually stand as a twin tower across the pedestrian street. You can see the beginnings of the irrigated plant boxes and fountains that will dot the center of the plaza. Stringed lights will stretch across above the plaza, between the two buildings. On either side will be shops and eateries, such as a deli and dry cleaners.

Finally, you can also see the street level parking garage entrance.

Stay tuned for some new video from the building.


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