Sunday, August 31, 2014


The JBG Companies, the development firm that owns Artery Plaza at 7200 Wisconsin Avenue, is promising to bring "Bethesda's next great restaurant" to a Bethesda Avenue-side vacant space. An elaborate window display with this theme has been installed on the site, giving an artist's rendition of what the atmosphere might be like (indoors and out) with the addition of this eatery.

JBG has sought to modify the exterior architecture of the building, including removal of a large arch, to make it more appealing to a high-end restaurant tenant. The sizable space includes an 825 square foot outdoor patio area, which would go a long way towards animating the somewhat dark, dead block of Bethesda Avenue where it is located.

If they could somehow get a restaurant that squeezes the word, "American," in between "Great" and "Restaurant," that would be a sure winner. JBG actually did attract the first Great American Restaurant Group (Coastal Flats, Jackson's Mighty Fine Food, Sweetwater Tavern, etc.) location outside of Virginia to its Downtown Crown development in Gaithersburg. So maybe they have an inside contact they can work there? GAR has been part of a trend which has seen several hot restaurant brands leapfrogging over Bethesda, to go further out into the suburbs (Matchbox and Chef Geoff's to Rockville, Ted's Bulletin to Downtown Crown, for example). It's time to reverse the trend!

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