Thursday, March 05, 2015


The snow is tapering off, but roads remain treacherous. Montgomery County Fire and Rescue reports that there were over 50 auto accidents in the county today so far. Here is a very partial list of restaurants open for dinner tonight in Bethesda.

Montgomery County Public Schools will be closed Friday, March 6. Many parents were angered by the MCPS decision to delay canceling classes today until this morning. Montgomery County Government will be open Friday.

Metrobus will suspend all service at 9:00 PM tonight.

Ride On remains on the S service reduced schedule. Ride On Bus 23 (Friendship Heights to Sibley Hospital) will bypass Brookmont, staying on Macarthur Boulevard to Sangamore Road in Bethesda.

Many flights are cancelled at local airports; call your air carrier before leaving.

Amtrak is operating on a modified service schedule in the Northeast Corridor tonight and Friday.

Our forecast tonight will be severely cold, with temperatures plummeting to 7°F by sunrise. Light winds and cloudy conditions will give way to a sunny but frigid Friday. Expect a high of 26°, and therefore, little melting beyond what the sun can do.

Friday night, we'll plunge to a low of 11°, before finally rising above freezing Saturday afternoon.

Stay tuned here and at @BethesdaRow on Twitter for updates.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert! I'm curious, what's the purpose of putting hashtags in the title of the blog post?

Anonymous said...

He goes a little crazy with the category tagging. Check out the "labels" at the end of the articles - many of them apply only to a single article.