Sunday, March 08, 2015


Giant has designated the following Bethesda-area stores as Passover Superstores, meaning they have an expanded collection of foods and other essential items for Passover:

Bethesda Row
7142 Arlington Road

Westwood Shopping Center
5400 Westbard Avenue

Georgetown Square
10400 Old Georgetown Road

Chevy Chase Center
5463 Wisconsin Avenue


Anonymous said...

Those are pretty much all the Giants I visit. Are there other Giant's in Bethesda that didn't make the cut?

Robert Dyer said...

Probably not. I think they've expanded it to more stores than in the past.

Anonymous said...

So why aren't they advertising themselves as "Corn Beef and Cabbage Superstores", as well? Doesn't sound very inclusive.

Anonymous said...

@10:45 -- because all Giants sell corned beef and cabbage year-round. However, Passover involves the consumption of an entire class of special foods that aren't eaten or sold at other times of the year. And while almost all supermarkets in the D.C. area sell some Passover foods, some supermarkets in areas with larger Jewish populations (like Bethesda) offer broader selections of Passover foods -- in addition to the traditional St. Patrick's Day fare.