Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Bethesda kickboxing studio offering free classes

Bethesda Boxing & Kickboxing Academy is holding an Open House through March 31, to allow local residents to try out the new martial arts and fitness studio for free.

Just stop by during these hours to check out the new gym, and try these classes:

Saturday (3/21)
9:00 AM - Kickboxing (Ted)
10:00 AM - Stretch to Win (Zoe)
11:00 AM - Boxing (TBD)
12:00 PM - Kickboxing (Sam)

Monday / Wednesday / Friday
9:00 AM - Boot Camp (Ted)
12:00 PM - Kickboxing (Abe)
5:15 PM- Kickboxing (TBD)
6:30 PM- Kickboxing (TBD)
7:30 PM - close Open Gym

Tuesday / Thursday
9:00 AM - Boot Camp (Ted)
12:00 PM - Boxing (Ted)
5:15 PM - Boxing (TBD)
6:30 PM - Boxing (TBD)
7:30 PM - close Open Gym

Memberships offering unlimited classes range from $79-110 a month for adults, and $69 a month for kids (Ages 10-18), which includes free gloves and wraps.

Programs offered include boxing and kickboxing, Ted's Boot Camp, Stretch to Win, Special Techniques, Youth Development and personal training, for those seeking a more custom approach to fitness. Large classes are limited to 20 students.

For more information, call (301) 656-3098, or stop by the gym at 4940 St. Elmo Avenue.


Will M said...

I took Teds classes when he was at LA Boxing. He is awesome. Very motivational. Will work your a$$ off but you feel great coming out.

Anonymous said...
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Andrew Calandrelli said...

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