Wednesday, March 11, 2015

First Look: Public art sculpture coming to Lot 31 site in Bethesda (PHOTO)

Here's a look at the sculpture that will be part of the new development across from Bethesda Row on Woodmont Avenue. Called "New Starts", it will be located at the bike drop-off area. The work will incorporate stainless steel "branches" and glass flower buds, which are both designed to be interactive with sunlight. This is one of several public art pieces that will be incorporated into the site, which holds The Darcy condos, The Flats apartments, and a 900-space public parking garage.

You may recall I showed you some of the other pieces already installed in the garage.

Renderings courtesy Rodgers Consulting
All rights reserved Rodgers Consulting


Anonymous said...

I misread the headline as "Pubic art sculpture..." but then I noticed that the sculptures do kinda look like pubic hair.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that eye appointment, 8:50.

Imagine the sunlight alive through a palette of glass buds, and the quiet strength of branches subtly aligned. Love the conceptual synergy of manmade materials and a cold wood being kissed awake by the gracing of the sun.