Saturday, September 17, 2016

Founding members at new Bethesda diner get free coffee for life (Photos)

Dining is about to become #BethesdaCool, according to the soon-to-open Community upscale diner in the ground floor of the 7770 Norfolk luxury apartment building at Norfolk and Fairmont Avenues. Those who sign up to be founding members of their Founders Club will get account dining, their own phone number to call for reservation, their own personal brand of bourbon kept on hand in the restaurant, priority access to private and special events, and - more importantly - FREE COFFEE FOR LIFE, and a free dozen of donuts every month.

Community will be the latest culinary venture from Bethesda resident Mark Bucher, the man behind BGR and Medium Rare. Email foundersclub [at] communitybethesda [dot] com for a Founders Club application.


Anonymous said...

"Founding members of their Founders Club"


Anonymous said...


Maxwell House Instant. LOL

Wrol said...

What's it cost to join?

Anonymous said...

Ok. So I emailed them requesting an application and never heard back. What do they say about first impressions? Uh, huh.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever get a response back?

H Miller said...
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Anonymous said...

Got a response back yesterday:
"Thank you so much for your interest in our Founders Club.

We are very excited to be opening up very shorty in Downtown Bethesda. Our manta is Community over competition and this is the first step of building the community around our opening and purpose.

Please fill out the attached form and mail it back to

The regular fee for this program is $500.00 but for the first 250 that have responded (YOU), the inaugural one time fee is $250.00.

Thank you again for your excitement and energy it fuels us.

Mark Bucher, Founder"

I think that I will pass.