Friday, September 16, 2016

Bethesda Row Arts Festival 2016 October 15-16

The 19th annual Bethesda Row Arts Festival is set for October 15-16, 2016. 190 artists handpicked by a professional jury will display and sell their paintings, sculptures, jewelry, metalwork, and more. The event's art sale will benefit NIH Children's Charities.

Bethesda Avenue, Elm Street and Woodmont Avenue will become an outdoor art gallery. Rick Whitehead Duo, Seth Kibel and Bay Jazz Project, Colonel Josh, Todd Baker & Andrew Brown, Julia Mack and Justin Trawick will provide live music throughout the event on a stage at Woodmont and Elm. Dine at more than 50 nearby restaurants throughout the event.

For full details, visit the official event website.


Poppy said...

Our family loves the biannual arts festival. We have commissioned several works of art for our cottage and the condo in New York from artists we have met at the festival. Nothing tops off a long day of art shopping better than a late lunch at Jaleo.

Anonymous said...

Ignoring the fictional satirical comments, in reality this is a great Art Fest.

A beautiful show of creativity and talent. It's a must for us. If you haven't gone before, try it this year.
We could all stand a little enchantment and joy in our minds.

Anonymous said...

Poppy stop linking your site, it hasn't been updated since May

This art fest looks like a great move on a hopefully crisp fall day

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Poppy, enough. Or should we just call you Bob?

Anonymous said...

Poppy knows too much about progressive stuff to be Dyer. Probably just a mid-level male exec who lives in Chevy Chase and is impersonating the "life" of his stay-at-home housewife.

I've found the Arts Fest kind of boring. Mostly vendors from Pennslyvania and beyond, and artwork is only OK. Maybe I just don't know how to appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

ooops. Didn't mean to infer Dyer. Sorry, Robert.
In our household, we use "Bob" if we don't know someone's name. A long story involving a Scottish bloke, an Irish bar, lots of alcohol and "Bob's your uncle." Ya had to be there.

Anyway, I agree with you. Except you probably do know how to appreciate art and don't realize it.

Bethesda Dan said...

Robert - the art festival should have music too. Music is art, after all (see for example the numerous "Music & Arts" stores). Do you think they would be receptive to you playing Bay of Pigs?