Friday, June 23, 2017

Honeygrow, Pieology & more tenants announced for new retail building at Montrose Crossing

Pieology, which just opened at Bethesda Row, is already planning another nearby location at Montrose Crossing on Rockville Pike. The pizzeria will be neighbors with the already-announced Five Guys and Allure in a new retail building at the shopping center, now under construction where Timpano Italian Chophouse once stood in the parking lot.

Just since my report on Five Guys yesterday morning, Pieology and two other tenants were made official by property owner Federal Realty: Cava Grill, and Honeygrow.

Cava Grill is the increasingly-ubiquitous, locally-owned Mediterranean alternative to Chipotle. Honeygrow is a Philadelphia-based fast casual chain serving stir-fry, salads, "honeybars," and cold-pressed juice.

In total, the new retail structure sounds like it will join parking lot neighbor Chick-fil-A as a lunch hub for nearby residents and office workers.


Anonymous said...

No such animal as Cava Grill. Either Cava (fast-casual) or Cava Mezze (sit-down). Which is this?

Robert Dyer said...

It's the same one as found at Bethesda Row and Montgomery Mall, which is commonly referred to as Cava Grill, including by the company itself. In fact, Federal Realty refers to it as Cava Grill, as well.

Anonymous said...

They only serve lunch?

Fairmont said...

Sounds too much like "Ho-Negro".

Anonymous said...

Birdbrain, you didn't have a report on Five said it was releases are more detailed than your little blog write-ups.