Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Montrose Crossing retail building scores first tenant

Federal Realty has its first tenant for the new, 18000 SF retail structure it is building in the front parking lot of the Montrose Crossing shopping center at 12055 Rockville Pike. And it's a familiar one.

Five Guys has leased one of the units; the burgeoning burgers-and-fries chain already has a location across the street from Montrose Crossing, suggesting that could change in the future. Federal Realty has Five Guys in their Rockville Town Square and Bethesda Row developments, as well.
Rendering of the new retail building
under construction on the former site
of Timpano Italian Chophouse


Anonymous said...

Yo momma had 5 Guys last nite!

Anonymous said...

"Five Guys...already has a location across the street from Montrose Crossing, suggesting that could change in the future."

Did you contact them to ask about that?

Anonymous said...

The existing Five Guys isn't in a very visible place. This new location will work much better for them.

Francis Preston said...

RIP Timpanos. Had many a meal there.

Anonymous said...

Since I end up contacting/calling these places for more information maybe I should write my own comings and goings blog.

Francis Preston said...

6:42 AM I think we're already at peak Bethesda blog.

How many more people will Dyer inspire to write about this stuff?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dyer you're a real SMUCK! If you disagree with a posting you delete it. I called you out on this earlier, with the fact (not alternative) that the crossing not only has a Five Guys coming, presumably from across the street, but a CAVA Grill, Honeygrow, and Pieology which recently vacated the Galvan. You are a real slime-ball wanna be reporter for hacking a post because it reveals your weak reporting. YOU SUCK.

Robert Dyer said...

9:10: I never deleted any such post. You never "called me out" on anything, and my reporting on this was so "weak," that Federal Realty immediately confirmed the Honeygrow, Pieology and Cava AFTER my report on Five Guys.

Pieology was not at Galvan; you're thinking of Pie360.