Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tips to Toes closing July 15, will move to new Bethesda location

Another business being displaced by the future Marriott headquarters in downtown Bethesda has found a new location. Tips to Toes will close July 15 at its 7711 Woodmont Avenue salon location. They will move to 4715 Cordell Avenue, and reopen at that location sometime in August. Stay tuned for an opening date.


Anonymous said...

The nail salon is moving to the site of the former massage parlor.

I wonder if they will have a back room.

Anonymous said...

I think Robert is great for the community. He makes me feel good about my salary, knowing my son's high school job pays him more than Dyer makes in a year.

Anonymous said...

Dyer's $25 in advertising he pulls down once or twice a month, really adds up. Last month he made $75. And those residuals from being an internationally acclaimed musician. No wonder he lives with mama dyer. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

The absolute best is when he calls himself the press. He's delusional...at best imbalanced.

Anonymous said...

I've never actually seen any sponsored content - that is, actually labeled as such - other than two articles last month. Is Dyer properly notifying his readers of such sponsored content?

If this article is an ad, then Tit To Toe got ripped off since Dyer did not even mention that they are a nail salon.

Skippy said...

10:43am thinks press means publishes in print. Welcome to 2017!

Friends of Woodmont Triangle said...

10:23am Patch reporters are poorly paid. Are you gonna hate on them too?

No one goes into local news to get rich. Dyer is serving the community.

Anonymous said...

Anyone using advertisements is likely getting ripped off. Very few people are going to go to a place that dyer supports or advertises for. Don't agree with me, just have a look at the comments. Folks that visit this blog largely don't like Dyer. Can't imagine many of them supporting businesses he writes about. Just my two cents...and no, I don't work for the county or for Bethesda Magazine. Just someone who gets ticked off when Dyer puts people down and threatens to attack them physically. If I'm wrong, I'd love someone to explain the metrics of businesses showing an uptick after advertising here.

Anonymous said...

I love all the divorce attorney ads on Bethesda Magazine. Has the unhappiest audience... and staff based on their Anonymous comments here.

Anonymous said...

I only read Dyer's blog, I don't read Bethesda Magazine. Man does a great job of some news, but I also love trolling Dyer for him being a troll as well.

Anonymous said...

Commenters, be nice. This. Is. Robert's. Life.

Anonymous said...

See, once again it's either Dyer or his sockpuppets that bring up the other local media to bash. Pathetic.

Your trashing of another person's business out of envy is reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't qualify as a business. It's a blog. Unless he's lying about spnorored content, it doesn't raise much money. Calling it a business is a stretch. Tool to put a biased spin on things of marginal interest is more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

5:44 PM I'm sure Dyer will shut down his news sites now that you've officially deemed them as not "a business". You know all.

The irony of a man making peanuts giving Dyer "anonymous" business advice here.

6:33 PM Do you feel foolish posting lies? Probably not, due to your mental illness.

Anonymous said...

"Start telling the truth and maybe your readers won't despise you so much."

That should be your new motto not this other Mumbai jumbo you carry-on about.

Bethesda wishes you'd stop reporting about it.

Robert Dyer said...

3:25: "Mumbai jumbo?" Racist much?

Bethesda actually wishes Bethesda Magazine would "stop reporting about it," because they are at war with their own readers, much like Bethesda Now was before I drove it into bankruptcy.

12:43: Although I could certainly make use of the Scrooge McDuck's Vault-level of dark money funding they have, as the leading and pioneering hyperlocal news outlet in Bethesda, I envy no one. I love the fact that I don't have to spend my day writing about how great Helpless Hans Riemer is. How do you stay motivated for that? Uppers?

Anonymous said...

7:48PM - and who are you to be judging other anonymous posters? Do you have some fantastic psychic skills that tell you @5:44 makes peanuts?
The post is deleted for @6:33's comment, but whatever was said, what makes you think it was lies? Why accuse someone you do not know of suffering from mental illness?

I understand sticking up for someone, but morphing their personality is over the top and only partially believable.

Riff Rafferty said...

@8:30, that was me that posted it, but thank you for calling Dyer out, it is sad when he deletes comments that challenge his status as king of hyper-local hobby blogging

Anonymous said...

Tips to Toes has a cottage in the back where you can get a (legitimate) massage.

Anonymous said...

"3:25: "Mumbai jumbo?" Racist much?"

Hey, Dyer - are you too stupid, or too much of a drama queen, to recognize an autocorrect error?

"Bethesda actually wishes Bethesda Magazine would "stop reporting about it," because they are at war with their own readers"

Their readers don't seem to think so.

"...much like Bethesda Now was before I drove it into bankruptcy."

Do you realize that bankruptcy filings are public records? Why do you insult the intelligence of your readers so?

"Although I could certainly make use of the Scrooge McDuck's Vault-level of dark money funding they have"

You're a paranoid idiot.

"...as the leading and pioneering hyperlocal news outlet in Bethesda"

With delusions of grandeur.

"i love the fact that I don't have to spend my day writing about how great Helpless Hans Riemer is."

Could you point to even one such article? You're an incoherent, babbling fool.

Robert Dyer said...

8:23: Alas, many of Bethesda Magazine's readers are fooled by their clever Pravda/Granma writing style. Their strategy is simple: Write in a way that makes residents of Westbard, Town of Chevy Chase, Edgemoor, etc. sound like privileged, shallow fools, NIMBYs and old fuddy-duddies ("grey heads," the Dan Reed types call them). But the article - and that message - ends up being amplified by the very people being lampooned in the article, when they share it on Facebook as neighborhood-related news, or because they were briefly mentioned in the piece.

The first step in residents taking back power from the MoCo political cartel that currently infests the Council is to replace the Council.

Another small step though, will be for residents to stop sharing articles from Bethesda Magazine. They're just making your neighborhood sound like fools.

As far as Bethesda Now, readers are well aware it failed and ceased operation several years ago.

You don't have to be paranoid to realize the numbers for the small and slightly-failing magazine don't add up unless A) Don LePre was right about the profitability of "tiny classified ads," or B) there are angel investors pumping dark money into the magazine to pay for the 3 full-time reporters and Google AdWords and social media promotion costs.

Point to one positive article about Helpless Hans on Bethesda Magazine? There are literally 100 of them.

Anonymous said...

If there are "literally 100 of them", then it should be easy for you to point to one of them.

Anonymous said...

Why are you talking about an irrelevant dead multi-level marketing salesman?

BIG difference between closing up a business and filing for bankruptcy. Your insistence on that fact is indeed defamation and worth pursuing by your victim.

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