Friday, June 01, 2018

Bethesda construction update: Brightview Bethesda (Photos)

Progress continues at the construction site of Shelter Development, LLC's Brightview Bethesda assisted living apartment building, located at 4907 Rugby Avenue. Donohoe is the construction contractor on the project.


Anonymous said...

too much gaming, not enough blogging.

Anonymous said...

The latest interns from Bumfuck U apparently have harassing Dyer as one of their projects for the summer.

Anonymous said...

Signs for Riemer all along Wilson Lane.

An awesome TV ad for George Leventhal.

Meanwhile, the only ads I've seen for Robert Dyer are the ones running in the middle of the "news articles" on his own blog, where only a dozen people will see them.

Anonymous said...

8:55am advertising only goes so far..ask Dave Trone.

Anonymous said...

Scooped bigly, indeed!

- Big news about the Westbard site plans moving forward!

- New night spot opened up in Bethesda last night -- I won't hold my breath for coverage here, of course, because we're only allowed to talk about closures. Wouldn't want to disrupt the campaign narrative.

Robert Dyer said...

12:32: I've been reporting about the site plans all week, dumbass. You rely on the idea that readers are as stupid as you for success - good luck!

No "new nightspot opened in Bethesda last night." 202 Next Door is a restaurant, not a nightspot.

It's my reports that "disrupt" you and your bosses' fake news campaign narrative that everything is wonderful in Montgomery County.

8:55: That's the only place I've seen any Riemer signs. Not exactly encouraging for an incumbent, but not surprising for a carpetbagger with no accomplishments who has no political base of support in the County.

Anonymous said...

12:32 here. I do not work for Bethesda Magazine, nor do I work for the County Council. I am, however, a County resident who will be voting in the upcoming elections. On that note, I have a question: If elected to the Council, do you plan to use terms such as "dumbass" and "girly man" when speaking to your constituents from the dais (as you do when addressing readers of this blog)?

As far as your reports on the site plans -- when is the Planning Board's next review scheduled? That's a big development not reported on here.

You seem rather capricious with your definition of "nightspot." So a restaurant isn't a nightspot...but a bookstore is?

Robert Dyer said...

4:25: Wrong again. Barnes and Noble is not on the list of 15 nightspots that closed. It was, however, part of the "nighttime economy," and famously had to cut back its late night hours after Riemer's task force debacle tanked the nighttime economy.

They didn't report the actual date of the Planning Board review, only a broad and obvious statement that - duh! - a plan submitted now won't be reviewed until fall. No one knows the when the review is scheduled. Why would you report a date that isn't known yet? Think about it!

You do work for the County political machine, and I've never called a reader a "dumbass," only trolls from the MoCo cartel like you. Readers enjoy it when I bodyslam trolls. I can tell you I'll be very tough on your buddies in the MoCo cartel from the dais if I'm elected.

Anonymous said...

Barnes & Noble's Tyson's store cut back their hours at about the same time as the Bethesda store.

And all Barnes & Nobles in the District had closed by 2015.

Robert Dyer said...

7:29: Barnes & Noble wasn't the only business to cut late-night hours - Nando's Peri-Peri closed earlier, and CVS no longer offers 24 hour pharmacy service at Arlington Road, to name just two.

Anonymous said...

A pharmacy is not a "nightspot" unless you're an Oxycontin addict. Which is probably why it was closed.