Sunday, June 24, 2018

Vineyard Vines limited-edition Shark Week apparel in Bethesda

Shark Week returns July 22, and Vineyard Vines is getting a jump start on the annual celebration of the world's favorite predator now. The chain's founders have launched a limited-edition Shark Week line of apparel and accessories, inspired by the filming of Jaws on Martha's Vineyard, where they opened the very first Vineyard Vines store. Not every Vineyard Vines location is carrying the Shark Week merchandise, but fortunately for Bethesda Shark Week fans, the Westfield Montgomery Mall store is.

Watch out: the stiff prices will take a huge bite out of your wallet. Trucker caps go for $32, and Vineyard Vines Shark Week t-shirts are a whopping $45 apiece. Ouch. One question is circling the Shark Week boat this year - will Montgomery County residents still watch, now knowing that Discovery is abandoning downtown Silver Spring for the friendlier business climate of Knoxville, Tennessee?


Anonymous said...

Poppy's twins love this place!

Anonymous said...

I always base my decisions on whether to watch a specific cable channel, on where that channel's corporate headquarters are located.

Anonymous said...

Discovery is actually moving its headquarters to New York City, which is not any less costly than Montgomery County. It just happens to be the media headquarters of the world.

Knoxville is getting the lower-paying back-office jobs.

Robert Dyer said...

9:22: The "lower-paying back-office jobs" are what were located in the Silver Spring headquarters. A handful of top officers are nominally relocating to New York City; the other 99% of Silver Spring jobs are going to Knoxville. The "NYC" diversion was a key distraction tactic by both Discovery and the County Council to cover their failure to negotiate retention of these jobs in Silver Spring, and the fact that the move to Knoxville was purely over the hostile and expensive business climate in Montgomery County.

Anna said...

No, it purely WAS NOT over the hostile and expensive business climate.
It was not a "distraction tactic."

Why do you muddle the truth?

Let's see some contemporaneous verifiable evidence of those allegations.

Anna said...

So, you seemingly do not have anything to prove your allegations.

You lied again.