Monday, June 11, 2018

Bethesda's newest Starbucks opens in Hyatt Regency Bethesda hotel (Photos)

Here's a look inside downtown Bethesda's newest Starbucks, off the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Bethesda hotel. It's so new that even the employees weren't sure what the official operating hours are yet. There were no hours listed on the door yesterday, and the location is not yet shown in the Starbucks app.

I was interested to know the hours, to see if they would be open later than the other Starbucks around town. Locations like Norfolk Avenue and Westbard Avenue have cut back their operating hours at night, after Councilmember Hans Riemer's disastrous "nighttime economy" task force ended up tanking the nighttime economy in Bethesda. Heckuva job, Brownie!


Brian said...

There is a photo of taps, but no mention on what is being served. Did you ask?

Anonymous said...

No customers - or staff - actually visible. Are you sure this was actually open when you went there?

Anonymous said...

Too bad it’s not a Starbucks Reserve. I see they still have all the construction debris wedged between the frosted glass and the back of the counters that face the hotel lobby. That gap is not sealed at the glass, so over time we can all watch the accumulation of dirt and dust between the glass and the cabinet which can not be cleaned without removing the glass wall. Very bad detail. I am surprised that Hyatt has not made them fix this sloppy detail in their slick new lobby.

Otherwise the coffee shop looks nice and warm. I do like the big mermaid mural on the exposed concrete wall.

Not sure about the arstoturf plaza. Why bother, when they clearly are just going to extend the brick pavers to complete the plaza. Too bad they didn’t add a door at the corner and some outdoor dining to liven up the massive drop off area. It usually looks like a Chevy Dealership with a dozen black Suburban’s parked there.

I’m sure this place will be a hit, especially once a thousand Marriott employees walk past every morning as they exit the Metro on the way to work.

And word on the second enlarged retail tenant that they have added closer to the side hotel entry doors?

Anonymous said...

"It's so new that even the employees weren't sure what the official operating hours are yet."

In other words, you didn't talk to any employees, because there were none there because the restaurant wasn't actually open yet - just some fool left the door open and you wandered in like some hobo.

Anonymous said...

6:26am the Starbucks is open for business. Come down from Frederick and check it out.

Anonymous said...

"Locations like...Westbard Avenue have cut back their operating hours at night, after Councilmember Hans Riemer's disastrous 'nighttime economy' task force ended up tanking the nighttime economy in Bethesda."

I must have missed the golden days before 2011 when Westbard was a hopping nightlife destination.

Baloney Concrete said...

Did you check their web site?

Hyatt Bethesda Metro
Open until 9:30 PM

1 Bethesda Metro Center
Bethesda, MD 20814

Today 5:00 AM to 9:30 PM
Tomorrow 5:00 AM to 9:30 PM
Wednesday 5:00 AM to 9:30 PM
Thursday 5:00 AM to 9:30 PM
Friday 5:00 AM to 9:30 PM
Saturday 5:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM

You're welcome.

Roald said...

Looking forward this! Very convenient to Metro.

Anonymous said...

I see that the Starbuck's at Wisconsin and Bethesda Avenues sells Starbuck's Reserve Drinks, although it does not have Reserve signage or branding. I believe that this is the only Starbuck's in town that does this. It still seems odd that the new one in the Hyatt is not a Starbuck's Reserve. I have visited one of these new coffee shops and they are very nice, with large fireplaces, lots of copper accents, beautifully uplighted terra cotta clad walls and lots of comfy lounge seating. A much nicer environment that the typical version.

Anonymous said...

Starbucks = Fourbucks

Starbucks Reserve = Sixbucks

Anonymous said...

"tanking the nighttime economy in Bethesda."

Well, at least you're finally smart enough to stop claiming the "nighttime economy" across the county has declined. Even today you're reporting on a new bar opening up in Wheaton. There are many dozens of new bars, lounges, breweries, music venues, etc. that have opened since Hans took office.

Robert Dyer said...

6:06: You seem to be very confused. While there's no question Bethesda was the hardest hit by the failure of the "nighttime economy" task force, the effects are felt countywide. Businesses open all the time. It's the closures that have people concerned. The empty sidewalks and dark streets after 9 or 10 pm in Bethesda speak for themselves.

Bars, lounges and breweries all opened before Hans Riemer, and will open after he is gone. The difference has been the closures under Riemer, along with his successful effort to destroy the food truck business in the county, and tanking nightlife in downtown Bethesda. Heckuva job, Brownie!

Anonymous said...

The weekly debunking of "15 nightspots closed under Hans Riemer's #WarOnTheNight":

-Relic and Steamers - closed due to repeated violations of liquor regulations, specifically for serving after-hours. Steamers' site is being redeveloped.

-Parva - closed following harassment campaign by one or more residents in the Fairmont Plaza.

-Ri Ra - Arlington location closed at the same time, new restaurant in Georgetown replaced both.

-Parkers – closed (along with Sala Thai) by landlord Federal Realty, to make way for Williams-Sonoma, relocated from Friendship Heights.

-Hard Times - closed following personal financial difficulties caused by the owner's illness.

All the others that have closed have been replaced by other nightspots.

Robert Dyer said...

6:58: The weekly debunking of your fake debunking. We have lost 15 nightspots. The Parva did not close because of a "harassment campaign." Virtually none of those businesses were replaced with new nightspots, so it is a net loss of 15 nightspots. Absolutely devastating, as the young people who now have to go into DC every weekend can tell you. And as the now-dark streets of downtown Bethesda can tell you.

Anonymous said...

Which were the "15 nightspots"? You keep citing that number but you never actually provide a list.

What was the "real reason" that Parva closed?

I note that you say "virtually none...were replaced", rather than "none...were replaced". So even you admit that fewer than 15 nightspots were "lost".

Robert Dyer said...

7:54: Wrong again. You're on a roll, but not a good one. 15 nightspots were lost. Closed. Kaput. Gone.

The Parva closed for the same reason as the other 14 did - County Council votes, policies & new regulations; high taxes, minimum wage hike, government liquor monopoly, and the spectacular failure and implosion of the "Nighttime Economy" task force that Hans Riemer claimed would solve those problems.

Now Riemer, and his fellow travelers in the Council race, are claiming the liquor monopoly is better than ever and here to stay, thanks to Riemer's effort to preserve the corrupt and archaic government monopoly. Not to mention his own DLC scandal of covering up illegal activities in the department, now known as Beerghazi.


Anonymous said...

So why don't you list the "15 nightspots that were lost under Hans Riemer"? You have never actually done this, and your continuing evasion sounds...evasive.

Anonymous said...

"The DLC scandal of covering up illegal activities in the department, now known as Beerghazi."

Ha ha..."Beerghazi" was coined by one of your trolls who was mocking your paranoia, you fucking idiot.

Robert Dyer said...

9:29: I have many times. I've kept count all the way along. You're just using the Saul Alinsky tactic of making me type up a whole list 300 times. And you keep asking for the list no matter how many times I post it.

"If every letter must receive an answer, send 30,000 letters." - Saul Alinsky

9:33: You ARE the troll, moron.

Better Call Saul said...

"If every denial must receive a rebuttal, then send 30,000 denials."

-Robert Dyer's Corollary to Saul Alinsky

Brian said...

To Dyer and the other anonymous poster - Parva, while pestered by neighbors, closed due to poor service and quality. I tried their margarita... it wasn't even close. Doghaus is doing just fine in that space. Doing great I would argue. Politics and/or harassment have nothing to do with Parva closing.

Anonymous said...

Unless Hans Riemer was somehow responsible for Parva's poor service and quality, I don't see how he is responsible for its demise.

Also, given that Parva opened after Hans Riemer took office in 2011, whereas before then it was an Indian restaurant (Haandi), doesn't that mean that it is not a net loss for Riemer's scoresheet?

And, isn't DogHaus a "nightspot"?