Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kenwood fireworks 2018 set for Sunday, July 1

The best fireworks display in the D.C. area will once again be presented by the Kenwood Golf and Country Club in Bethesda. This year's Kenwood fireworks will be held on Sunday, July 1, 2018. The event at the private club is for members only. However, the fireworks are visible some distance around the club, and usually begin after 9:00 PM.

Nearby residents - and those nearby or in downtown Bethesda with apartment balconies facing the club - know the drill by now: Plan a backyard party modest or grand, and then gain the cachet of The Great Gatsby himself when an expensive fireworks display suddenly erupts in the sky above, and caps off the evening.
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Savvy Bethesdans (a.k.a. readers of this blog) who aren't part of the landed class can still partake of the fireworks - if they know where to go. The smart spot is in the church parking lot across River Road from the club, where those-in-the-know converge on foot or by car.

I haven't bothered to go into D.C. or out to Rockville for fireworks since Kenwood began their fireworks displays over a decade ago. The Kenwood display is superior, and gets better each year, and it certainly did in 2016.

Impress your friends, avoid getting your pocket picked or purse snatched downtown (or by the crooked Montgomery County Council!), and take in the best fireworks in the D.C. area. Gracious toast and "I'm Gatsby" line are optional.


Anonymous said...

Do you realize that Gatsby was a creepy stalker, whom his stalkee tricked her own husband's girlfriend's husband into murdering?

Anonymous said...

5:05--have you seen the creepy middle of the night through the windows stalker photos Dyer posts here? I'd say Gatsby is his hero.

Anonymous said...

As the Dyer dozed BB reports real BREAKING NEWS! Sears anticipated departure from Moribund Mall March 2019. This fail could cost you the election dyer Dyer.

Anonymous said...

The guy who keeps saying "BB falsely reported that Sears is closing" must be feeling really silly now. Today's news only makes it more obvious that Sears' lease came very close to not being renewed back in January - ahead of the 60-day notice of termination requirement.

Anonymous said...

Robert hasn't deleted any comments for several hours now. I hope he's OK.

Robert Dyer said...

4:15: No scoop - just the combination of "BB" reporters being too lazy to work beyond business hours, and Westfield leaking the information to them in advance of the meeting, thinking they would get a surefire positive puff piece.

Unfortunately, Westfield ****ed up because I have not taken a negative position, or any position, regarding this development.

Furthermore, they ****ed up because Sears is going to be livid with them for revealing the store is closing almost a year in advance, which will devastate sales of big ticket appliances and electronics there.

Leaking info to a site that barely covers their mall, while dissing the site that provides the most comprehensive coverage of their mall, was a clown move.

Anonymous said...

The store is closing 9 months from now, and they are required to give at least 2 months advance notice, so that's really only half a year ahead of the requirement.

If you think this will "devastate the sales of big ticket electronics there", then you obviously haven't been there for well over a year. The electronics section has been mostly cleared out for many months now.

The entire chain is winding down its operations - customers realize that.

Anonymous said...

"'BB' reporters being too lazy to work beyond business hours"

You know what happens during "business hours"?

BUSINESS, that's what!

No wonder you miss 95% of the news.

Robert Dyer said...

8:20: Do you understand that refusing to work more than 8 business hours covering the news is the exact opposite of what you just said, dumbass? Probably not, considering your IQ is lower than your belt size. Remember how I was the only outlet that had crime scene photos of the mall stabbing? Only photos of the Hyatt fire? News doesn't end at 5 PM, moron.

8:18: BS alert. Sears closures are a closely guarded secret, even as the chain shrinks. Electronics "cleared out?" You're the one who hasn't been there. Appliances are fully stocked. Over 9 months in advance, and you're quibbling about the 2 month requirement as if that makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

it's funny seeing an unemployed 50 year-old that lives with his mom calling other people dumbasses. for a guy that has no job and is going to get his ass handed to him in the election, you'd think you'd be a bit more kind and humble. I mean, you don't like it when people call you an over-aged mall rat, so why should you be able to belittle people?

Anonymous said...

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Has 11:17am addicted to what Dyer publishes next.