Monday, June 25, 2018

Zero Degree ice cream rolls kiosk opens at Westfield Montgomery Mall (Menu+Photos)

A new kiosk serving Thai fried ice cream rolls has opened at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda. Zero Degree is located on Level 2 near Express. They have Reeses Peanut Butter flavor among the selections, as well as smoothies.
The kiosk was already drawing a decent-size
crowd this weekend


Anonymous said...

"The only candidate with a track record on GETTING RESULTS"

LOL, more megalomania.

BTW, Sears actually is closing. :)

Baloney Concrete said...

Looks tasty, but...$7!!

Robert Dyer said...

9:09: My record is not in dispute. I've gotten more done as a civilian than the actual Council has. They weren't even in Bethesda or Damascus to notice the problems, much less fix them.

Sears is closing for real this time, and I was first to publish the closing date. The glossy mag followed up 8 hours later. Baba Booey.

Anna said...

It's all about having an "enemy" to insult and to shame, isn't it?

It's exhausting.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I got an inside scoop (from talking to an actual human being) that Sears is looking for somewhere to relocate in the area, whether at their current or a smaller size.

Baba Booey back atcha. Whatever that means.

Anna said...

4:51AM - It's an outdated phrase.

A 25+-year-old slam because a radio show guy made a mistake with a cartoon character name. Baba Louie was the donkey character on Quick Draw McGraw. The guy called him Baba Booey and the phrase stuck. Jerks still yell it at golf matches.

Anonymous said...

"radio show guy"

Howard Stern - so 1990s.