Thursday, June 25, 2015

1 hour fugitive recaptured in Chevy Chase, assault at Walter Reed + more - Bethesda crime update

A man who allegedly fled the scene of a traffic accident in Chevy Chase was recaptured after escaping from police custody early Monday morning. The suspect was described in radio communications by Montgomery County Police as a Hispanic male, 5'9", with black hair spiked in front, and wearing a dark grey turtleneck t-shirt, jeans and loafers.

The accident apparently occurred near the intersection of Jones Bridge Road and Montgomery Avenue, but whether more than one vehicle was involved was not immediately clear. A female passenger was transported to the trauma center at Suburban Hospital, according to scanner reports. To my knowledge, no report on the condition of that patient has been released to the public.

Those same scanner transmissions indicated that the suspect managed to escape in handcuffs from the rear of a patrol car. K9 units were called in as police searched the area, eventually joined by Chevy Chase Village Police officers. According to radio reports, police originally arrested the suspect for allegedly fleeing the scene of an accident, and for having materials for manufacturing fake IDs in his vehicle.

Police officers appeared to have created an effective perimeter in boxing-in the temporary fugitive, as he eventually was apprehended on Jones Bridge Road near the original scene. "We got him," an officer radioed about an hour after the manhunt began.

Here's a roundup of other crimes reported across Bethesda on June 22, according to crime data:

Burglary. 4300 block East-West Highway.

Theft. 7300 block Maple Avenue.

Assault. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at 12:13 PM.

Assault. 8500 block Connecticut Avenue at 11:30 PM.

Theft. 5400 block Wisconsin Avenue.

Drug arrest. Rockville Pike at Pooks Hill Road.

Burglary. 8700 block Fernwood Road.

Vehicle burglary. 9100 block Friars Road (Green Tree Manor).

Theft. 6800 block Algonquin Avenue (Cohasset).

Theft. 10500 block Rockville Pike (Grosvenor).

Burglary. 10400 block Farnham Drive at 4:12 PM (Wildwood Manor).

Vehicle burglary. 5800 block Oxford Road (Glen Echo).

Burglary. 5000 block Nicholson Lane.

Theft. 7100 block Democracy Boulevard.

Theft from vehicle. 11600 block Old Georgetown Road (Pike District).

Drug arrest. Westlake Drive at Westlake Terrace.

Vehicle burglary. 6900 block Seven Locks Road (Cabin John).


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