Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bethesda Avenue sidewalk reopens, as does path between The Seasons & The Darcy (Photos)

Not only did The Darcy and The Flats at Bethesda Avenue have their grand opening Thursday, but two other pieces of public infrastructure opened, as well.

The sidewalk section on Bethesda Avenue in front of the future PassionFish restaurant has reopened. And the shortcut pathway between The Seasons and The Darcy has also reopened to pedestrians.

As you'll note, they've intelligently installed lighting along the Darcy side of the path for public safety.


Anonymous said...

Dyer loves developers, as long as they build anywhere but Westbard.

Anonymous said...

Not a whole lot of space, especially with the stuff sticking out of the wall. Is Seasons going to update their side to match too?