Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hogan approves Purple Line

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has approved the Purple Line light rail project that will connect Bethesda and New Carrollton. But he said the state's contribution to the project will be $168 million instead of $700 million. That will greatly increase the cost to Montgomery and Prince George's Counties.

In his press conference today, Hogan also announced about $2 billion in funding for roads and bridges. That will include funds for widening Interstate 270.


Bull said...

Where will the widening take place?

Anonymous said...

Do he know it is widening?

"I-270 – Implementing Innovative Congestion Reduction Strategies (Maryland Department of Transportation’s pilot project to develop statewide congestion tools)

MD 85/I-270 – Reconstructing the I-270/MD 85 interchange to reduce congestion and upgrade structurally deficient bridges (Frederick County’s #1 priority)."


Looks like no other money for Montgomery? No US 29 improvements? A tiny fraction of what's going to roads in rural areas of the state. $1.8 billion for roads and bridges and $170 million for the Purple Line.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's harking back to his roots as a greenfield developer.

Anonymous said...

The only thing he did was throw supports a bone and said deal with it. His approach of roads and more roads is what creates more congestion. Build it and they WILL come. An auto-centric society serves no future purpose but continued sprawl. The main reason Marriott gives for relocating is the Millenial make-up of his work-force. They are not auto oriented, rather alternative transit oriented. These are the future users of shared use transit, be it light-rail, trolleys, shared autos, etc. if Hogan wants to move Maryland forward he needs to stop the backward thinking. No more roads.

Anonymous said...

He completely ignored Montgomery County's needs on their state roads. I can't think of a reason why anyone from Montgomery would support him regardless of party.