Thursday, June 04, 2015

Morley to take over Ginger Boutique space at Bethesda Row

Fashionistas lamenting the July 15 closing of Ginger Boutique have something to look forward to: the opening of a new boutique in that 7114 Bethesda Lane space this August. Morley, a Florida-based independent fashion retailer plans to open there August 1.

Once Ginger closes, the space will undergo a complete transformation, Periwinkle/Morley Vice President Megan Knott said today. This will be Delray Beach-based Morley's first location outside of Florida, and Knott says "we couldn't be more excited to land it in Bethesda."

Speaking of beaches, Morley's apparel, accessories and home items reflect a coastal resort style that Knott promises they will also "winterize" for year-round appeal in Bethesda. Bottle openers, tableware, gifts and decor items share nautical and ocean themes. Morley's apparel comes from modern brands that reflect a classic sophistication, with a fun and colorful resort living vibe.

That apparel isn't just for ladies, as Morley offers a line for men as well. You can get a preview of everything they carry in their online store and on Facebook.

You can also check out their Instagram accounts at @morleydelray and @periwinklepics.


Anonymous said...

How much of their time to fashionistas spend lamenting this and that, and in general feeling sorry for themselves?

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An interesting comment to the article on Artery Plaza, that seems relevant here as well:

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"There's an interesting article you should look up. Amazon did a study on fake vs real reviews. They were trying to scrub blind support and obviously marketing posts from the source as well as family and friends. Sounds like you might get flagged."

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6:27AM what are you babbling about now?

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I love how you couldn't even wait a whole half-hour to respond.