Sunday, June 09, 2024

Comfort One Shoes closing Bethesda store

It's been a weekend of business closure news in Bethesda. The latest to announce plans to shutter is Comfort One Shoes at 7920 Norfolk Avenue in the Woodmont Triangle neighborhood of downtown Bethesda. Like The Sill, a closing sale is now underway here, with shoes advertised at $35 per pair, or four pairs for $120. 

When this location closes for good, customers are directed to shop at the chain's Rockville store at 12236 Rockville Pike. The only good news about this closure is that the shoe store will be replaced by new bookstore Wonderland Books this fall. Now that is really good news!


Captain Obvious said...

Oh no! Where is Benny Sackapotatoes going to get his orthopedic walking shoes now?

METaphor said...

I will definitely make that trade (with the bookstore). Overpriced orthos.

Anonymous said...

ComfortOne really helped me out when I needed indoor sandals with arch supports to remedy foot pain from wearing shoes with no support. Three days later I was pain free. Their departure leaves big shoes to fill but I hope the bookstore will step up to the challenge.