Sunday, July 07, 2013


The Dark Side of White Flint
Part 12:

Welcome to the latest installment of The Dark Side of White Flint, a candid examination of the not-so-wonnerful, wonnerful, wonnerful side of urbanizing the suburbs in Montgomery County. Click here to read Part 11: Bertucci's, and find links to past installments, and demolition photo galleries.

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The latest stores to close at dying White Flint Mall are Expressions Hallmark, and White Flint Custom Tailor. Yesterday, I reported the closure of a major restaurant tenant, Bertucci's.

Expressions Hallmark began clearance sales at 20% this spring, 40% in May, and 75% off in the final weeks. Alas, the bell has now tolled, and no more Keepsake Ornaments will be purchased at White Flint Mall. Why does this matter? Collectors of the ornaments can tell you that ornaments sold out at Montgomery Mall, for example, might still be found at White Flint or Tysons Corner. Now that extra local inventory is lost, resulting in more driving, which is the opposite of what we were told the White Flint urbanization would do for the environment.

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