Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Smashburger is the newest entry into the Bethesda burger wars. The grand opening is today, at the corner of Norfolk and Cordell Avenues. Smashburger has made an exclusive agreement with Bethesda's own Honest Tea, to sell their beverages in the chain's restaurants. Last night, I had a chance to try out most of the menu, and I will have video online of that soon.

The tasting menu included a variety of Honest Tea products, paired with each menu item. Seth Goldman, co-founder, president and Tea-EO of Honest Tea was there to explain about the company's philosophy, and the flavors. When I asked him about the possibility of Honest Tea one day making a cola drink, he told me about a new beverage line they have now, called Honest Fizz. It features favorite soft drink flavors like root beer, orange and "Dr.," but is currently sold only at Whole Foods.

I also had a chance to go into the kitchen and see how Smashburgers are made (and you will, too, when I upload the video).

Give Smashburger a try for lunch today, and don't forget to order Fried Pickles - they're on the Secret Menu at all Smashburger locations.

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