Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bethesda's legendary Tommy "The Matchmaker" Curtis discusses his past, future in new podcast

Tommy "The Matchmaker" Curtis (left)
with Congressman Jamie Raskin, who
won after receiving Curtis' endorsement
One of the most legendary figures in Bethesda history, Tommy "The Matchmaker" Curtis, has still got it. His iconic Yacht Club of Bethesda remains arguably the most-missed nightspot in town, and his film production ventures continue full steam ahead. But even in Beverly Hills, like Clark Kent hearing a scream for help, Curtis can't help but turn into Tommy the Matchmaker sometimes. Just ask actor Vince Vaughn.

To hear more about that episode, and many more topics that will be of interest to Bethesda residents, don't miss Curtis' interview on WMAL legend Andy Ockershausen's new podcast, Our Town. Curtis talks about his career from radio to screen, other DC-area notables he's worked with, and - of course - his days as the captain of Bethesda's Yacht Club.

Listen (or read the transcript) and find out about the Hollywood royalty Tommy Curtis is descended from, how he invented the phrase "meetin' and greetin'," his new movie project that will "be the biggest news in cinema for the last year or two if it works," and why you should never eat Thai food before hitting a singles bar.

Never underestimate Curtis, the man who endorsed Congressman Jamie Raskin - - and Raskin went on to beat an opponent who waged the most expensive congressional campaign in history. If you're nostalgic for Bethesda's past, or want to know what Curtis is planning for the future, this podcast is worth a listen.

File photo courtesy Jamie Raskin for Congress campaign


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the right thing and boycotting this farce of an inaugural, Congressman Raskin.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Dyer wasn't in the pic. We could have had a trifecta of ugly hair.

Anonymous said...

I must be dreaming. Did Dyer post a picture of a Democrat on his blog??? Without saying mean, nasty things as well??? I'm shocked

Anonymous said...

Where's my comment about bad hair? The one on the left wears a bad rug and the one on the right has the worst plug job with a nappy cover-up style I've ever seen. Raskin should just not Tommy out and steal his rug. He'd be good to go.

Anonymous said...

Raskin forwarded to Dyer a month's worth of McDonald's coupons that he had received in the mail.