Saturday, January 21, 2017

Elm St. to close Jan. 23 between Wisconsin and Woodmont Aves. - for 8 months

Even as the Purple Line light rail project hangs in legal limbo, the Maryland Transit Administration and Pepco are moving forward with preparations for construction of a south elevator entrance to the Bethesda Metro station at Elm Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Elm Street will close between Wisconsin and Woodmont Avenues for eight months starting "on or about" January 23, 2017. Part of Elm Street will remain closed throughout the Metro entrance construction (and during Purple Line construction, should the project survive its current court challenge).

During the closure, pedestrians will still be able to use the sidewalks along Elm, but there will be no through traffic. The MTA announcement does not indicate if the closure on the Woodmont side will be above the parking lot and businesses like Potbelly and Tropical Smoothie Cafe, or literally at Woodmont Avenue. If it's the latter, those businesses could be hurt during the closure.

Furthermore, there will be daily lane closures on Wisconsin and Bethesda Avenues during the Pepco project, and night work on Wisconsin. Normal daytime work will take place during business hours. Expect traffic delays and confusion around this block for the next several years.


Anonymous said...

"Expect traffic delays and confusion around this block for the next several years."
Any data to help you actually support this claim birdbrain?

Robert Dyer said...

7:14: Read the article. It fully answers your question, knucklehead.

Anonymous said...

"Expect confusion"

That is a given on this blog.