Saturday, January 07, 2017

FAA drops flight path change over Bethesda

Residents have scored a temporary victory in the air wars over western Bethesda. The Federal Aviation Administration just announced it is dropping a proposed Reagan National Airport departure flight path change that would have increased airplane noise over western Bethesda neighborhoods along the Potomac River. Called LAZIR-B, the proposal went through an extensive review process and stirred outrage among affected Northwest D.C. and Bethesda neighborhoods. It would have moved the departure route closer to - and in some spots over - Bethesda homes.

Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center Director Ken Hartman represents Montgomery County on the Reagan National Community Noise Working Group. The group overwhelmingly endorsed two recommendations by Montgomery County, which would have kept planes as close to the center of the river as possible, at its November 3 meeting. Combined with overwhelming resident and official opposition, the result was the FAA canceling its plan, which had been advertised as increasing efficiency and lowering the environmental impacts of jet travel.

In a statement, the FAA said it would continue to support the efforts of the Community Noise Working Group.


Anonymous said...

Bethesdians don't say "Reagan National".

We say "National".

Anonymous said...

Excellent news for Bethesda residents. The community, civic groups and County officials were united against this change.

Kudos to all who opposed shifting the flight
path, as well as to the FAA for its responsiveness.

Anonymous said...

Bethesdans don't say Bethesdians.

Anonymous said...

Money talks

Anonymous said...

Send them over the poors

Bethesdaguy said...

Besthesbians... and we say Reagan.