Thursday, January 05, 2017

Chuy's to celebrate Elvis' birthday this Sunday

Chuy's, the recently-opened Tex-Mex restaurant in Federal Plaza on Rockville Pike, will celebrate the birthday of Elvis Presley this Sunday, January 8 - and the birthday gift could be for you. Come dressed as Elvis or Priscilla Presley, and you'll receive a free entree. Even if you don't arrive in costume, you'll still get $1 off The King's namesake plates at the chain, Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken and the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo.

Also on sale, will be the appropriately-named frozen Blue Hawaiian cocktail, and limited-edition Elvis t-shirts. If you remember my review when Chuy's opened, you'll recall that Elvis is something of a patron saint for the restaurant since the first one opened in Austin in 1982 sporting a $20 velvet painting of The King.

"Our annual birthday party for Elvis is just one of thequirky things that makes Chuy's - Chuy's," John Korman, Director of Operations for Chuy's, said in a statement. "We love any excuse for a party, so why not enjoy a plate of enchiladas with a Frozen Blue Hawaiian and toast The King on his birthday? We hope folks will join us and have a good time."

Elvis would have been 82 on Sunday.

12266 Rockville Pike
(Federal Plaza)
 (301) 603-2941


Anonymous said...

I got to see Elvis in concert in the summer of 75 in Terre Haute, Indiana.

What a night....

Anonymous said...

Robert, There's quite a bit of logical inconsistency in your piece.

On the one hand, you don't want tax or presumably fare increases and urge area jurisdictions to withhold Metro subsidies. On the other hand, you advocate system improvements. Which is it? You can't pay for system improvements without cash flow, which won't be sufficient in the absence of taxes/fees.

I agree that Metro management needs improvement, but I am skeptical that the handful of problematic incidents that you cite are representative of the results of Metro's capital improvement programs. I suggest that you take a more in-depth look at this issue.

Robert Dyer said...

I'm not sure what Metro has to do with Tex-Mex food, but I was very clear in that the only justifiable expense would be adding the power capacity for 8-car trains. Beyond that, Metro has been given plenty of money to operate its system. It has spent and managed quite badly. The solution is not to pour more money in, but to wait until the leadership problems are addressed, and results delivered, before giving into demands for more money.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what a gas explosion in Takoma Park has to do with Chinese food.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I think the reader of the Metro article, below Chuy's article mistook this comment section for the comment section for the Metro article. ??

Anonymous said...

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