Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Little Falls watershed advocates press for changes to Westbard Self Storage project

Members of the Little Falls Watershed Alliance are calling for changes to the stormwater management, pedestrian pathway and aesthetic appearance of a proposed self storage project behind the McDonald's on River Road. They've outlined their criticisms and recommended changes in an email to Montgomery County planners. You can add your voice by sending an email to the property owner, and linking to the LFWA's summary, letting him know you support these changes as well. Advocates are concerned about the environmental and aesthetic impacts of the building on the Willett Branch stream, and on the future greenway park alongside it.
Willett Branch stream


Anonymous said...

Huge News. Glad someone is reporting this!

Anonymous said...

That is a truly ugly building (if the picture is accurate) -- at least there are other storage facilities to patronize if Westbard Self-Storage won't respond to community concerns. Why is Westbard the dumping group for storage businesses?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Westbard Self-Storage need to get Federal approval (Clean Water Act) given the nexus with the stream? If the company does, this will likely slow the process considerably.