Friday, November 10, 2017

L.L. Bean opens today at Pike & Rose (Video + Photos)

L.L. Bean will open their newest store this morning at Pike & Rose. Located at 925 Rose Avenue, it is the only L.L. Bean location in the state of Maryland right now.

CLICK HERE: WATCH: L.L. Bean store tour

An invitation-only event was held yesterday for L.L. Bean fans, who were able to shop the two-level store before the general public. On hand for the event was L.L. Bean retail store Senior Vice-President Ken Kacere, who presented a $5000 donation to local chapters of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Also spotted on the premises were Montgomery County Councilmember Sidney Katz, and the famous L.L. Bean Bootmobile, which attracted cellphone camera users passing through Rose Park in front of the store.
Kacere thanked property owner Federal Realty, noting that it had taken the Maine-based firm over a decade to find the ideal location for a store in this area. He said Pike & Rose not only wanted L.L. Bean, but that the youth of the development meant they would have the opportunity to build exactly the store design they wanted. There will be activities and giveaways all weekend at the new store.

Montgomery County Councilmember
Sidney Katz (left) stopped by

L.L. Bean Senior VP Ken Kacere (second from left)
presents local Girl Scout and Boy Scout leaders with
a $5000 contribution

The L.L. Bean Bootmobile,
inspired by the company's first
product, had Pike & Rose patrons
pulling out their cellphones for a photo


Anna said...

Phew...lots of pictures. Like I was shopping online.
Why buy the milk...

Anonymous said...

Yeti, made in China

Maloney Concrete said...

This is digital, not a print magazine. Plenty of slideshows online have dozens of photos.

Welcome L.L. Bean!

Anonymous said...

"Maloney Concrete" appears, previous comments disappear.

Anonymous said...

In response to Baloney above, how come they do slide shows instead of a stream of photos such as the way Dyer does? If I just want to look at the pictures, let me go to the next slide, don't make me sit there and scroll down. The only reason to do that is if LL Bean sponsored this post.

Roald said...

I love the bootmobile!

Looking forward to shopping here. The photos are great- I see a lot of stuff I want.

Baloney Concrete said...

Could've still used a jump, though, rather than dumping all the pics on the front page. Web design 101.

9:22 said...

edit: Just saw that the comments 6:53 and 9:18 say exactly the same thing as my suggestion.

Roald said...

Click on an image and a slide show opens- works great!

Looking forward to my new L.L. Bean boots! Going after work tonight. I didn't know they had opened until I read this report. I love this community!

Anonymous said...

Dyer's mobile version of this article doesn't dump all the photos on the homepage. Why does Dyer treat his desktop readers like second-class citizens?

I remember Gifford's said...

Chilly out today. I see all those warm sweaters in Robert's photo gallery- I'm going to get one this weekend!

Anna said...

IRGiffords, looks like flannel shirts and low-puff vests are de rigueur at the Bean.

And be sure to tell them you're taking advantage of their getting the milk for free