Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Water main break on Marengo Road last night

The WSSC responded to a water main break on Marengo Road in the Springfield neighborhood of Bethesda last night. Water could be seen running down the hill on Marengo between Newington Road and Cromwell Drive around 10:00 PM. While traffic could still get by on Cromwell, the work added to drivers' confusion, who were turning off Massachusetts Avenue due to a police-related road closure there at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Batman leaps into action to stop criminals,
Robert leaps into action for water mains.

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5:31 PM This site covers everything Bethesda. If you don't want Bethesda news, you can go elsewhere.

Patch may have the latest restaurant inspections posted today (they misleadingly title them "restaurant reviews") . That may be more your cup of tea.