Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Gregorio's Trattoria coming to Bethesda

There's good news on the restaurant front at the Shops at Sumner Place. China Pavilion closed at the Bethesda shopping center last December. Now a new tenant has been found. Gregorio's Trattoria, an Italian restaurant with existing locations in Reston and Potomac, will open in the China Pavilion space in 2020. They should be open by spring.

I see Fettucine Alfredo and New York-style pizza on the menu, so I am already sold. They've also got chef's specialties like Rigatoni al Capone and Pollo Donaldo. In an area with few sit-down restaurants, and only fast-casual carry-outs anticipated in the disappointing Westbard plan, Gregorio's Trattoria should be a welcome addition to southwest Bethesda.


Anonymous said...

"I see Fettucine Alfredo...on the menu, so I am already sold."

Ha ha...just get some Stouffer's and heat it up in your microwave and save yourself a trip and $15.

I'll bet you are "sold" when you see Chop Suey and Chow Mein on a Chinese restaurant's menu.

*The actual item listed on the menu is "Fettucine Bolognese". You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can force Mama Lucia's out of business. I'm always shocked there are people in the world that still support that owner after his multiple sex assaults. Guess they must be Trump supporters.

Anonymous said...

What happened with the sex assaults?

Anonymous said...

Owner Dimitrios Fragoyannis pleaded guilty to fourth-degree sex assault of a waitress in 2008. Found not guilty in a 2015 case where he allegedly followed a woman in her car to an empty parking lot and then assaulted her and exposed himself (his lawyer claimed the interaction was consensual; Fragoyannis claimed it never happened and that he's a great husband).