Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Lane, road closures scheduled for SB Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda Ave. on September 14, 15, 21

The Maryland State Highway Administration has posted a digital sign announcing "SB Lane" of Wisconsin Avenue will be closed from 9:00 PM on September 14, 2019 to 9:00 AM September 15, 2019. It is placed by the Air Rights Building (a.k.a. Bethesda Crossing).

There are three southbound lanes of Wisconsin Avenue, one of which is already closed by 7272 Wisconsin Avenue, so this either means a second southbound lane will close as well, or the entire southbound side. But adding the word "lane" negates a total closure, which would just be "southbound Wisconsin."

Unfortunately, the SHA is not providing such details, nor the precise starting and ending points of the "SB Lane" closure. Perhaps SHA should spend less time on local politics, and more time getting their sign messages correct.

It would be best to just detour around this using Woodmont Avenue during the closure period.

A second sign placed along Wisconsin north of Elm Street on Tuesday states that Bethesda Avenue will be closed on September 14, 2019 and again on September 21, 2019.


Anonymous said...

The picture says Bethesda Ave to close. That isn't true.

Anonymous said...

Need an update on the ridiculous traffic easing nightmare at Little Falls please

Robert Dyer said...

5:23: So why does the sign say it's closing?

5:27: The update is that A) you'll notice the Parks Department didn't move to immediately remove the trash-strewn road diet despite a 4-1 vote by their bosses on the Planning Board, and B) we now know this is because the County Council is running cover for them, and intends to challenge the 4 commissioners and Kenwood/Hillandale Road residents to overturn their decision. This is virtually unprecedented, outside of sector plans.

Anonymous said...

6:18AM Because you're too lazy/cheap to get an appropriate photo and instead used an old one giving misleading information to anyone glancing at your story.

Anonymous said...

6:55AM doesn't get to Bethesda often. If he did, he'd know that sign is on Wisconsin Avenue right now and says Bethesda Avenue.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like these closures are related to the major demo at the plaza 7200 Wisconsin, at the new corner of Wisconsin and Bethesda and for the CCST. The north lane of Bethesda between Woodmont and Wisconsin is being reconstructed as a separated two-way bike lane for the Capital Crescent Surface Trail. The boulevard island in Wisconsin is being modified to add a cut for the Capital Crescent Surface Trail, for a signalized bike lane crossing of Wisconsin.

Lots of underground utility marks have been painted in the intersection of Woodmont and Bethesda. I suspect these are related to the construction of the CCST that will travel diagonally across the intersection from the southwest corner to the northeast corner.

They are actually adding bike crossing signals where the CCST crosses roads, much like many Scandinavian countries. At Woodmont and Wisconsin, the bike signal will stop crossing vehicular traffic, but likely allow right turn, to avoid long traffic delays. I hope they tweak the timing of the vehicular signals in that weird intersection to allow enough time to clear the intersection before releasing pedestrians. Many times, I have seen pedestrians step off the curb on a valid walk signal, in the crosswalk, while vehicles are still streaming through the very long intersection on Woodmont, and nearly getting hit. Left turns from Woodmont to Bethesda are a contrast problem as the wide intersection has a space for folks to turn onto Bethesda Avenue before they can actually cross the crosswalk. This becomes a competition for right of way with valid right turners, off often blocks through traffic on Woodmont with horn wars.

They really need to sort the timing of this intersection, and the diagonal CCST crossing will likely add even more complications. It will be interesting to see if bike riders actuality obey the signals, as many just stream through if they have a gap.

Anonymous said...

Bethesda Ave wasn't mentioned in the story.
Avoiding Wisconsin Ave at all costs.

Anonymous said...

"off often blocks through traffic on Woodmont with horn wars"

What does this mean?

Anonymous said...

"The trash-strewn road diet"

What does (alleged) trash along the roadway have to do with the road diet?

Robert Dyer said...

6:55: It's a brand-new photograph of the current sign, Inspector Clouseau.

7:06: It was indeed mentioned in the story.

Robert Dyer said...

7:20: It's not only a total low-class eyesore, but the dozens of poles sticking up actually block clear views of trail users crossing. Heckuva job, Brownie!

Anonymous said...

So "trash-strewn" refers to those poles that you don't like, rather than any deterioration in the cleanliness of the area.

You must have some serious vision problems if those poles (2.25" thick, 4' high) actually block your view of pedestrians and cyclists crossing there. Maybe you shouldn't be driving?

Anonymous said...

I believe that the CCST crossing of Wisconsin at Bethesda Avenue IS the main reason for these lane closures on Wisconsin. That’s why I brought it up. The large amount of work to build the CCST has been scheduled for fall of 2019. This is just the beginning of a large effort that will impact the area this fall. The CCT separated bike lanes on alternating one either sides of Woodmont all the way to Norfolk are scheduled for 2020, and also include diagonal intersection crossings with dedicated bike traffic signals.

CCT usage in Bethesda, the most heavily used section, averaged 400 per hour and peaks at 565 per hour in 2016. The creation of the CCST and the eventual extension of the CCT to Silver Spring, adjacent to the Purple Line, are predicted to massively expand usage of the most heavily used hiker biker trail in America. The developer of Wilson and Elm buildings were required to include a separate bike tunnel under their buildings and a very large two story high, 250 space bike parking garage and commercial bike storage station because such high usage is anticipated.

Maybe we won’t have a massive multiple cinema drawing 20,000 folks every weekend, but it looks like the CCT, and CCST will help bring lots of hikers and bikers to Bethesda Row. Dozens of new CCT access points are being added east of of Bethesda, so these neighborhoods will have enhanced access to Bethesda Row and downtown. Note to self, time to call JBG Smith and open a new bike shop next to the new Chase Bank!

Anonymous said...

"During the month of September

"Wisconsin Avenue between Montgomery Lane and Bethesda Avenue

"During the month of September, crews will be pouring concrete for the walls of the Bethesda shaft. Southbound lanes along Wisconsin Avenue between Montgomery Lane and Bethesda Avenue will experience temporary closures. Work will take place from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. on weekdays and weekends."

You're welcome.

"Educate yourself. There's plenty to be found in a Google search."

-Robert Dyer, Monday September 9, 7:03 AM

Anonymous said...

Inspector Clouseau

Robert Dyer said...

7:28: LOL, you must not drive through there, or else you would know that the poles indeed block the driver's view of the very people the road diet claimed to protect - those crossing on the trail.

Anonymous said...

Heckuva job brownie

Anonymous said...

I drive that route 2-3 times a week, Mr. born-in-Virginia "lifelong resident". The only visibility issues I've noted are the trees and the kink in the trail on the east side of the crossing, plus other cars on the road, which have existed all along. If 2.25" wide poles placed every 10 feet are "blocking your view" of cyclists and pedestrians crossing there, then you've got some serious problems and probably shouldn't be driving.

Anonymous said...

9:43 AM Regular reminder that you do not become a resident of the hospital you were delivered in. All the Bethesda children born the DC do not become DC residents. If I was born in Shady Grove, I don't therefore become a Rockville resident.

Dyer is a life long resident.

I guess this is a pain point for the other publishers/bloggers who are from out of the area (New England, Europe, etc).

Anonymous said...

Being a ‘life long resident’ isn’t a huge accomplishment. Many people are. Robert isn’t all that unique or special.

Anonymous said...

12:54 PM It is pretty unique in the DC area. Most of my co-workers and business associates are not from the DC area in general.

Anonymous said...

I love Dyer as a life long resident.

* Unlike other writers, he doesn't have to turn to someone else and ask what a particular story means to a Bethesda resident

Have good day, sir.

Anonymous said...

Yea? I’m over 50 and have been living here since I was 5. Does that make me a so called carpet bagger?
If we give Robert a participation trophy will he stop droning on about his life long status. In the end it is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

1:35pm it can be frustrating for others who can't say they're life long.

Odd but it is an acute pain point for some.

Anonymous said...

Robert's lifelong lack of employment - or even any kind of achievement - is an acute point of pain for him.

Guess who else is a "lifelong resident of Montgomery County"?

-Gabe Albornoz

-Andrew Friedson

-Will Jawando

-Sidney Katz

-Craig Rice

-Marc Elrich.

Anonymous said...

Is Robert’s main claim to fame that he is a life long resident? That’s it? Nothing else? No traveling? No going away for university? Has he even been out of the DMV?
The more he squawks about being a so called life long resident the sadder it sounds. Is that all?

Anonymous said...

Also, what kind of weirdo uses phrases like "acute pain point" in his speech?

Captain MoCo said...

Proud MoCo residents need nothing more. We have it all.