Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Ginger Boutique closing at Bethesda Row

Seven years after opening on Bethesda Lane, Ginger Boutique will close on July 15.

All sales will now be final, and all clothing and accessories are 30% off. But keep checking back in the coming weeks, fashionistas, as new inventory will continue to arrive throughout. They are also selling furniture and fixtures.

It certainly is a challenging time for local, independent businesses in downtown Bethesda. And, of course, the highest-profile new tenants at Bethesda Row we tend to hear about most have been chains like Williams-Sonoma, Calypso St. Barth and Kate Spade - not that fans of those brands are complaining.

But it should be noted that Sabun Home, which recently leased space on Bethesda Lane, is a local independent business.


Anonymous said...

Good. Gingers should be banned from Bethesda. They bring down the property values.

Anonymous said...

Only a ginger can call another ginger a ginger.

Anonymous said...

We will be very sad to see ginger go. It was one of the first clothing stores on the row. The owner and others who work at the store have always been the best!