Sunday, March 30, 2014


If you've driven on Rockville Pike, you know there are many signs up advertising the future Pike and Rose development, under construction on the former Mid-Pike Plaza site. But even subterranean dwellers know Pike and Rose is on the way, with these large ads in the underground tunnel beneath the Pike at the White Flint Metro.

While Pike and Rose has a distinct branding from Bethesda Row, both Federal Realty developments share slick and upscale as descriptors of their marketing products. The primary difference is that Pike and Rose is emphasized more as a lifestyle center, given its larger scale and greater number of housing units. A basic theme of the "Inspired" campaign is that the nearby Metro station and trails, and on-site fitness facilities and farm market, will inspire residents to lead healthier lives. Well, except for the "Death by Chocolate" panel.

Phase 1 of Pike and Rose will open this year, and the PerSei apartments are already leasing.

Here's a look at the underground ads:

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