Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The future Bethesda location of New York City's Koreatown favorite Turntable: Mad for Chicken has applied for a liquor license from Montgomery County. A hearing will be held for the Cordell Avenue fried chicken wing business on April 17, at 9:00 AM, at the County Council building at 100 Maryland Avenue in Rockville.

Construction continues on the interior, which used to house the original flagship location of locally-based fast-casual chain, California Tortilla. Cal Tort, of course, moved across the street last year. Obviously, they've got a way to go on the interior here. There's still a dumpster out front.

Let's hope Turntable brings some of its adult beverages from the NYC's list - ones rare in Bethesda, such as Soju, Asahi, Hite, a few interesting shots, and even a drink named after Barack Obama. You can also get drumsticks at Turntable, which are more my speed than wings. It's hard to beat KFC, but I'll put Turntable to the test when it opens.


Anonymous said...

From the looks of the NYC location, I expect we'll see some turntables on the walls

Robert Dyer said...

If it is like the NYC flagship, it will really stand out from the generic restaurant interiors so common at some chains these days.