Monday, March 24, 2014


The massive construction operation continues at Mid-Pike Plaza on Rockville Pike, in the rapidly-developing White Flint area. As I reported yesterday, the main shopping center building at Mid-Pike Plaza is officially closed to the public now, with only construction personnel and vehicle being allowed to physically access the property at this point. A separate retail center on the property, with a Starbucks, remains accessible to the public.

What you're seeing here are primarily two luxury apartment buildings (PerSei, delivering this year; and Pallas, delivering in 2015), an office building (11800 Grand Park Avenue), as well as the related retail, iPic Theater and parking facilities. I'm still struck by how similar Grand Park Avenue (looks from Old Georgetown Road) to an early construction photo I have from Rockville Town Square. I think the reason for this, is that - temporarily - the scene in the distance is very similar. You have the canyon created by the buildings on either side of the street. But in the distance, flat ground, much like what is north of Rockville Town Square.

The outcome will be radically different at Pike and Rose, however. That is for one key reason: Federal Realty owns the land beyond these buildings, unlike the situation at Rockville Town Square. Whereas town center Phase II has stalled out in Rockville, the town center at Pike and Rose will be larger in scale, by the end of all phases of construction.
PerSei luxury apartments,
now leasing

PerSei marketing banner
with Pike and Rose branding

A variety of brick colors

Floor-to-ceiling windows
in these units

Streetlamps installed

Old Georgetown Road will
be reconfigured to have
a traditional intersection,
instead of the existing curve
One of the tower cranes

Plenty of sun on this side of
the building

11800 Grand Park Avenue (center) and
Pallas (left of center)

11800 Grand Park Avenue

Interesting stone detail


Anonymous said...

Obviously a huge improvement compared to a acres upon acres of asphalt. That said, I'd never pay anywhere near the prices they're asking in order to live in this neighborhood that's roughly 5% of the way there so far. Call me in 10-20 years when White Flint is actually built out with a walkable street grid and a full slate of amenities.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first Anonymous poster -- where are the people coming from who are able to pay $2K+ for a 1 BR? Is there any attempt to make the apartments at all affordable?

Anonymous said...

There's going to be a lot there even as early as later this year. A whole new movie theater, beer garden, gym, restaurants, etc.

$2,000 for a 1BR in a community with all of these amenities seems in line with the Rockville-Bethesda market for new apartments.