Friday, November 14, 2014


EuroMotorcars told planners in a Westbard Sector Plan meeting that they are staying in the Westbard industrial area for the long-term. Their acre-and-a-half property services Volvos, an "important auto use for us. They don't make more property like this in Bethesda, or down county," a company representative said.

The problems with the site are that it is not on a heavy-traveled thoroughfare like River Road itself, and the current facility is "not well-located on the site."

To remedy this, the company plans to build a new structure with a 20' first level for auto bays, and a 65' height overall. The majority of the upper levels will be parking for Volvos being serviced.

When told they would lose some land out front if a new bypass road goes along the Capital Crescent Trail, they initially were concerned. However, they realized the new road could give them the attention they currently lack from passing motorists, and appeared to endorse the bypass concept.

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