Thursday, November 13, 2014


Maryland Governor-elect Larry Hogan named two senior leaders of his transition team yesterday at a press conference at the Tawes State Office Building, home of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Hogan selected Baltimore native Robert “Bobby” Neall to head his budget and tax team during the transition period, and Carville Collins to serve as general counsel.

Neall is a former state senator, delegate, Anne Arundel County executive, and businessman. “There is no better person in my mind to put our fiscal house in order than Bob Neall,” Hogan said. Collins is a partner of the law firm DLA Piper in Baltimore and Annapolis, and served on Governor Ehrlich’s transition team in 2002. At Wednesday's press conference, Hogan said, "these are the most trusted guys I have, and they’re going to help build the rest of the transition team.”

Hogan also held meetings with the President of the Maryland Senate, Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., and Comptroller Peter Franchot yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Nice. A non biased straight news piece keep up the good work, Robby.

Anonymous said...

Robert go kiss Ebola.

Anonymous said...

Dyer actually acts like a normal person when talking about Republicans. How refreshing.

Anonymous said...

What does "hange YLA" mean? That sounds like some kind of weird code. Do I have to get one of those very special sunglasses like in "They Live", to see what it means? And if I wore one of those, would Larry Hogan look like one of those skeletal aliens like in that movie?

Anonymous said...

@2:32 PM - the words "Larry Hogan" and "skeletal" shall NEVER, ever be associated with each other.