Monday, January 12, 2015


The developer of a proposed new apartment building on St. Elmo Avenue is requesting a 30-day extension for its Sketch Plan from the Montgomery County Planning Board. Attorney Steve Robins of Lerch, Early and Brewer filed the request on behalf of the Lenkin Company, citing time constraints during the just-passed holiday season. The extension, which has been reviewed by Planning Director Gwen Wright, and for which planning staff are recommending approval, would run until February 20, 2015.

This request will be heard by the Board at its January 22 meeting.


Albert said...

What's the distance going to be between this building and the Bainbridge? Looks awful close. Gallery and triangle towers seems close as it is, and they have a road between them.

Anonymous said...

Right next door. There's only that little courtyard/alley between them. And there's a similar project proposed on the other side, on the Greenhill properties.

"Breathtaking view of the Bethesda skyline" is going to change to "airshaft" in a very short time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I wonder the actual distance.

How far is upstairs at Bethesda row? How wide is Bethesda lane and I guess there is a bit of a setback eith the rooftop decks and then buildings.

Anonymous said...

OK, here is my very rough guess at the distance between the two buildings, from looking at the illustration of the proposal.

Both buildings are approximately 170 feet high. Per the illustration the width of space between the buildings appears to be about 18% of the height.

That comes to about 30 feet between the two buildings. That's barely the width of a large room. No need for binoculars.

Anonymous said...

Bethesda Lane is much wider than that small alley at the Bainbridge.

Flynn said...

@ 10:57am - Any view of the Bethesda skyline right now as it stands is ugly single story building rooftops full of air conditioning units, ducting, etc... Ugh.