Friday, July 17, 2015

Bethesda construction update: Luke's Lobster at Bethesda Row (Photos)

You can now see into the expanded portion of the Luke's Lobster space on Bethesda Lane. Glass was installed in the window punch outs yesterday. A new awning was installed on Elm Street, as well. This used to be an M&T Bank ATM machine, if you recall.


Anonymous said...

Hans Riemer's Nighttime Economy is turning the tide in the battle against the evil banks.

Robert Dyer said...

3:29: Luke's Lobster isn't a late night business, and there are more banks now than when the Nighttime Economy initiative began. Conversely, there are fewer nightspots operating in Bethesda than before the Nighttime Economy initiative was launched.


Anonymous said...

Can Riemer's surrogates actually find any improvement in Bethesda's nightlife as a result of Riemer's taskforce? The Post couldn't find any.