Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bethesda construction update: PassionFish restaurant (Photos)

You have to be paying close attention to notice, with the larger wood wall still in place, but some significant work has been done on the facade of the future PassionFish restaurant in the Darcy condos on Bethesda Avenue. Up at the top, they've installed frames and already put in many glass panels.

One other news item on PassionFish, one of the most-anticipated restaurant openings in downtown Bethesda this year - they've applied for their liquor license.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't Dyer reporting on the new yet familiar "Lease - Greenhil" sign up at 4848 Cordell Avenue? We were told that a restaurant would be moving there "any day now".

Robert Dyer said...

The interior hasn't been built out yet. I never said "any day now", and don't recall anyone else saying it. The mural is specifically for the mystery tenant. Other places that have been leased around town occasionally still have For Lease signs, so it doesn't mean it actually is.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if PassionFish shall serve Finnish ale?