Thursday, July 30, 2015

JBG gets started on new Bethesda Ave. retail building (Photos)

A new retail building that will replace the former Thyme Square structure at 4735 Bethesda Avenue is finally moving forward. The JBG Companies has filed a sheeting and shoring permit request with Montgomery County, which describes a 10,000 SF commercial building. Apparently, there will be some excavation involved - although the Thyme Square building will presumably be demolished first.
The building in question is the
small structure at left, with
the "Market" signage; the
center building is what will
replace the existing office building
next door
You may recall seeing early renderings of this long, narrow structure in my report from the public meeting JBG held prior to submitting its plans to the county. This is one part of a complex redevelopment of JBG properties that line the north side of Bethesda Avenue between Woodmont and Wisconsin Avenues. 7200 Wisconsin Avenue (Artery Plaza) is getting a Fish Taco restaurant, facade and lobby renovations, and is angling for a second restaurant tenant. And an office building between these properties at 4733 Bethesda Avenue will be demolished and replaced with a new, mixed-use office building.
The retail building appears as
a ghostly structure in this
rendering, again with
the "Market" sign
(future tenant unknown)
The end result - along with the new PassionFish restaurant in The Darcy across the street - will be a revitalization of this somewhat dead block of Bethesda Avenue (particularly at night). There will essentially be a strip of JBG retail and restaurant space from the plaza on Woodmont all the way up to Wisconsin, then wrapping around the front of Artery Plaza on Wisconsin.


Flynn said...

Nice! Hopefully this enlivens the weird grass/CCT/road/paved "green space" that's there now, as well as really activates and connects Bethesda row to Wisconsin Avenue.

Now FRIT needs to do their part on Elm and do their building their and activate that block to connect the movie theater. Would be so much easier for folks to have dinner and see a movie and walk around. Those two loading docks next to Jaleo now totally kill the block. Barking Dog, Pot Belly, the new place going in the corner, and whatever comes to the Panas spot could use that connection as well!!

Anonymous said...

At long last. How many years has it been since Thyme Square was closed down?