Friday, July 24, 2015

MoCo DPS issues violation to WSSC over Arlington Road water leak

Remember that torn up part of Arlington Road at Hampden Lane I reported on recently, with pooling water and potholes?

Drew Morrison, a staff member of Councilmember Roger Berliner's office was able to get Montgomery County's Division of Highway Services out to patch the road.

Wednesday night, a water main break was reported to Montgomery County Police at the same spot. Apparently, as I had suggested after encountering the water myself on the original occasion, there was indeed a water main leak of some kind.

Morrison sent an update to me, and to Rachael Heisler, who had tweeted about the original mess, last night. He said the County Department of Permitting Services has now issued a violation to the WSSC, and the agency will have to repair the main and repatch the road.

Stay tuned!

Photo: @RachaelHeisler on Twitter

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Steve D. said...

She said it. Bethesda's streets are a sad joke these days.