Sunday, July 19, 2015

Monument Bank installs sign and ATM at new Garden Plaza location in Bethesda (Photos)

Signage and a new ATM have been installed at the new Monument Bank office and branch in the Garden Plaza building at 7700 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda.

If you recall my report in June, you'll remember that Monument will have secondary offices for its CEO and other officers here, in order to maintain a presence in downtown Bethesda after relocating its headquarters to Rockville recently.

For those ready to withdraw money, the ATM appears to be functional.

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Anonymous said...

What's really funny is that, although the ATM may be in a new location, it's actually quite old and crappy. Look closely at the last photo, and you'll notice that the buttons and other surfaces are quite dingy and worn. The surface immediately to the right of the numerical pad looks scraped, apparently from removing a sign or decal that used to be there.

From which third-world craphole was this ATM recycled? Probably some kind of Nigerian scam is involved.

What an insult to Bethesdans.