Friday, November 04, 2016

Brunch starts this weekend at Owen's Ordinary

Owen's Ordinary, the new restaurant and beer garden that recently opened at Pike & Rose, will begin brunch service this weekend. On the menu will be dishes like Red Apron bacon and eggs, Fried Chicken and Bacon Cheddar Waffle, and a Fall Harvest Salad featuring kale, pomegranate, goat cheese, and a molasses-dijon vinaigrette. You can see the full menu here.

They will also offer a Brunch Buzz special - 2 brunch drinks + any main dish, and you will get a free serving of their signature chocolate donuts.

Brunch begins at 10:00 AM both Saturdays and Sundays.

11820 Trade Street


Anonymous said...

Seriously how much does Federal pay you?

Anonymous said...

7:36AM Seriously, how much does BB/BM pay you?

Elm said...

When Aaron Kraut was still pretending to be a "journalist" and posting all those insults here anonymously (some of it borderline criminal), did his boss at the time, Steve Hull, approve of it or just oblivious what his employee was doing?

Robert Dyer said...

7:36: Zero.

Bethesdaguy said...

I tried this place. It is incredibly expensive and every beer comes with two inches of foam at the top. No thanks.