Monday, November 14, 2016

Westfield Montgomery Mall ready for the holidays, Smart Toys reopens (Photos)

The large Christmas decorations are up at Westfield Montgomery Mall, just one of several signs that the holiday shopping season is officially underway at the Bethesda retail center. Smart Toys reopened for the holidays on Saturday, the same day Santa Claus arrived at the mall. 🎅And while Macy's here may not have the Christmas shopping windows its standalone stores have in other locations, they do have some holiday-themed displays up.

Smart Toys has
reopened "just in
time for the holidays!"


Anonymous said...

ready for the holidays

War on Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Macy's would never invest in this #snoribund economy

Anonymous said...

2nd pic kinda looks like a trenchcoat..............

Anonymous said...

No Menorah?




Anonymous said...

Hi Robert! Do you happen to know if Westfield Montgomery Mall requires union labor for store construction?

Robert Dyer said...

11:50: I don't know about the individual store interiors, but Westfield themselves have used union labor for the construction they've done at the property.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply!