Friday, November 18, 2016

Talbert's objects to Bethesda 7-Eleven store obtaining liquor license

The 7-Eleven store at 7305 MacArthur Boulevard was granted a Class A beer-and-wine liquor license by the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control in March. At the DLC hearing, Talbert's Ice and Beverage - which also sells beer and wine at 5234 River Road in Bethesda - objected to the granting of the license.

Under the rules, that gave Talbert's standing to file for judicial review of the decision in Montgomery County Circuit Court, said Associate County Attorney Kathryn Lloyd. That review took place on November 2, Lloyd said. The judge reversed the DLC decision, and has remanded the matter back to the DLC. It will now hold a future hearing to consider the license for 7-Eleven again, and take additional evidence. Lloyd is representing the Board of License Commissioners in this case.

The 7-Eleven store has posted a petition (pictured above - please click to enlarge for detail) for customers to sign in support of their beer-and-wine license.

In other liquor news, County Executive Ike Leggett yesterday doubled down on the county government's archaic liquor monopoly, proposing creation of a liquor authority instead of privatization. Such an authority would also raise troubling questions of the sort that surfaced during Leggett's push for a similar entity to fund bus rapid transit.

Photo: Rob Jenson


Anonymous said...

No editorial comment on Talberts' action, but you immediately jump to a comment about Ike Leggett on a different topic?

Anonymous said...

Typical alt-right action.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you're gonna limit where alcohol can be sold, then I'm going to fight to retain my exclusivity to sell it in my area.

Anonymous said...

Dyer doesn't want to risk his supply of bumwines and malt liquors, available from 7 AM to midnight.

Anonymous said...

How about stocking some DC Brau Corruption then, anon?

weski said...

Heaven forbid there be another place to buy beer in a 4 mile radius of Talbots in another traffic area. Wait, the county store is 1/4 mile away. What's their problem Other than exclusivity and River Rd. monopoly?