Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Crescent at Chevy Chase headed to Planning Board for approval

The Crescent at Chevy Chase, a residential development proposed for Newdale Road at Chevy Chase Lake, will be reviewed by the Montgomery County Planning Board on November 17. Consisting of two four-story buildings with 135 residential units, the project will replace the existing Newdale Mews, a model suburban garden apartment complex. Two underground garages will hold 115 parking spaces.
What will be lost -
Newdale Mews
Ostensibly a transit-oriented development that will be just across Connecticut Avenue from the future Purple Line station, it's intriguing that the building heights are lower than those recently approved in the Westbard sector plan. Westbard is two miles from any Metro station, disqualifying it as a transit-oriented growth area. More proof of the incompetence of our Planning Board and County Council (Vote YES on Question B today at your assigned polling place, to impose term limits on these incompetent, impotent and corrupt councilmembers).

We are being governed by very stupid people, folks.

Planning staff is recommending approval of the project, with conditions. Construction of The Crescent will not be able to proceed until the construction of the Purple Line begins.


Anonymous said...

"More proof of the of Planning Board and County Council (Vote [NO] on Question B today at your assigned polling place, to prevent [idiotic] term limits on these [imperfect, but experienced and competent] councilmembers [who are focused on advancing the interests of the entire county, not a handful of NIMBYs]).

[Term limits] are very stupid [things], folks."

Fixed it for you.

To anyone undecided: Go back and read Dyer's posts, and especially his comments. He's more unstable, bigoted, hateful, ignorant, and disgruntled than Trump is!

Is that the type of person you want to align yourself with?

Anonymous said...

Align yourself with? WTF? He isn't running. And if you are attempting to equate term limits specifically with Dyer, then you, my dear, are the closed-minded one.

How is your attempt to insult and bully to get your opinion across different than what you are bitching about?

Just sayin.

Happy Election Day! Let's vote!

Anonymous said...

Dyer simply can't discuss one subject at a time, no matter how hard he tries.

Anonymous said...

Is Dyer drunk today?

Anonymous said...

@7:00am/Dyer Defender

"How is your attempt to insult and bully to get your opinion across different than what you are bitching about?"

Lol! It seems like you conveniently neglected to read any of Dyer's comments on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Looks like YOU conveniently neglected to read my post.

Because I'm for term limits does not make me a Dyer defender. I couldn't care less whether he is for or against something.

It makes me a voter who is for term limits. Period. End of story. mic drop

Robert Dyer said...

6:41: You consider the County Council "competent?" The same ones who've put us in the red every budget, failed to finish our master plan highway system even as we're crippled by traffic, oversaw the Silver Spring Transit Center, presided over a net-loss in private sector jobs while all jurisdictions around us experienced growth, haven't attracted a single major corporate headquarters in two decades, had two citizens die on their watch when 911 failed, and 7 more in the Flower Branch explosion - when people like me warned just a few years ago that the Long Branch plan would discourage landlords from maintenance?

You are on some serious drugs! I've never posted a "bigoted" statement in my life on here. You're a liar, and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Mature comeback there at 1249 birdbrain


Robert Dyer said...

1:51: Powerful comeback. You just got bodyslammed.

Robert Dyer said...

I've also got to respond to this BS about people "aligning themselves with Robert Dyer" as if that is a difficult or controversial thing.

The fact is, the vast majority of readers do share the vast majority of my opinions.

My "controversial" opinions include:

- Development and growth must be in the context of adequate infrastructure and protection of neighborhoods

- Urbanization should not expand beyond downtown Bethesda and Silver Spring into suburban and rural areas of the County

- The County Council has an obligation to provide a functioning transportation system, including roads and transit

- The County Council should not be personally enriching themselves with taxpayer money, while raising our taxes to the highest level in history

- It's embarrassing that the Council has caused our private sector economy to stagnate, and we would benefit from the high-wage jobs and corporate headquarters they have failed to generate.

- Our worsening MCPS achievement gap is immoral, and the Council and BOE have clearly failed to tackle it. Now we need a substantial change in strategy, rather than pour another $90 million down the MCPS toilet, as the Council just did.

Only a minority of Democratic activists who can acknowledge no flaw in our elected officials could disagree with these positions.

The Seventh State blog said I was running to the left of the County Council in 2014. Fact: People are very comfortable "aligning themselves with Dyer."

Anonymous said...

The issue is not Dyer or even Ficker: it is the performance of the Council.

If you are happy with the Council, vote No on B.

If you are unhappy with the Council, vote Yes.

If you're happy with the Council, I guarantee that it's because they haven't been active in *your* neighborhood recently. This isn't a matter of NIMBY-ism. It's a matter of listening to the community, treating residents with respect, and meeting in the middle on matters of controversy.